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Monday, May 23rd, 2016 7:40 PM

2 different results both test clearblue

Last night I used the advanced clearblue opk and received the peak smiley face, so using the same pee I used one of my regular digital clearblue opk test and I a solid circle. Any reason one would be negative and another would say peak? I am on clomid, but my last pill was 9 days ago (5/15). Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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8 years ago

Hi Lisa - Clomid will not affect your Peak Fertility result. It may, however, give you a misleading number of High Fertility days. 

Results like yours can be seen if:

- You started testing earlier in your cycle with the Advanced Digital Ovulation test (each Holder has the ability to adjust to your personal hormone profile) and too late in your cycle with the regular Digital Ovulation test (giving it less time to adjust to your personal hormone profile)

- If the concentration of LH in your urine was just below the sensitivity of the tests. This would cause one to trigger and display a surge/Peak fertility result earlier than the other.

You can rely on your Peak Fertility result. Having intercourse on the day of Peak Fertility and the day after will maximise your chances of conception. Good luck!