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Sunday, June 14th, 2015 1:43 PM

2 surges, 2 CB products

Hello, I am having difficulty with my CB Advanced. I typically have a 30-31 day cycle. I started my CB advanced on CD11. The first day was a O, CD 12 was a solid smiley face. I did not expect my Peak day so soon and did not have any additional symptoms of ovulation. We went to the store and purchased an additional ovulation test that showed no LH surge. CD 13 the smiley face remained. I allowed the test to reset itself On CD 14 The test showed the new cycle symbol and I had a O. CD 15 I had a flashing smiley. I went to the store and purchased a Easy Clear Blue Ovulation test. On CD 17 my CB advanced showed flashing but my CB easy showed a very obvious surge. On CD 18 I received a LH surge with CB easy and a solid smiley with CB Advanced. This is when my O day was expected. I took a PG test on CB 18 as suggested by your customer service to make sure I was not pregnant and that was interfering with LH surge. I am not pregnant . I have been off BC for almost 9 months. I have not had any pregnancies or miscarriages and I am not on any medication. Why did it show the original surge on CB advanced? If I would have used these results I could have missed my day.

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9 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch again, TIna. 

Our test works by detecting a rise in Luteinising Hormone (LH).  LH is always present in your system.  A typical baseline level would be 3-13mIU/ml and a typical 'surge' would be 50-200mIU/ml.  Our tests should always detect a surge at 40mIU/ml or above and can detect a surge as low as 22mIU/ml.

If your natural baseline level regularly exceeds 22mIU/ml then it is possible that you will get multiple 'surge' results during a cycle and not all of these surges will result in ovulation.  There are also certain medical conditions and medications that can give you misleading results.  We do advise you to discuss your results with your doctor.  We hope this helps!