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Friday, August 29th, 2014 7:26 PM

4 days smiley flashing face

i have took my ovulation test every week, but something weird has happened this pasts days, I'm only four days away to get my period, an the test its reflecting a smiley face and flashing. I understand this is not normal. it's there a problem with my machine or it's something wrong with me?

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10 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch with us, Lismaris.  It sounds like you're using Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests check for 2 key fertility hormones throughout the menstrual cycle:  estrogen and LH.  If the necessary changes in estrogen are detected, High Fertility will be displayed as a flashing smiley, and if an LH surge is detected, Peak Fertility will be shown constantly on the display for 2 days.

Once High Fertility is detected, your results will continue be High Fertility until the LH surge is detected.  If an LH surge is not detected, your will continue to see High Fertility results until tests are missed for 3 consecutive days.  If you started testing on the correct day for your cycle length and see more than 9 High Fertility days, it's unlikely that you'll see Peak Fertility this cycle and you may wish to stop testing.  This isn't unusual.  Some women may have an LH surge that is too low for the test to detect, and some women may not ovulate every cycle thus won't see Peak Fertility.  

If you have other questions, feel free to let us know!

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9 years ago

I have a question in regards to your response that indicates that you will see High Fertility results until either the LH surge is detected or you stop taking the test for three consecutive days.  This sounds like the results will default to High Fertility even if you aren't actually High Fertility - when that may not really be the case......that makes me untrustworthy of the test and wondering it's actually measuring something.  Shouldn't the flashing smiley face appear only if the estrogen is detected?  And if it's not, the empty circle should be displayed?  It's misleading if the flashing smiley face will continue to appear day after day and only change if the LH surge is detected. 

I am on day 5 of the flashing smiley face and am hoping for the non-flashing smiley face hopefully tomorrow....but if I am not going in that direction the empty circle would be more indicative of a cycle where I haven't ovulated.  I don't want to stop testing just for the sake of getting the flashing smiley face to stop appearing after three days.  This is confusing....  :-( 

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Hi - I'm sorry it's confusing and we certainly want to help.  When using Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests, the first test during your cycle takes a baseline reading of your estrogen level, and High Fertility will be displayed when the necessary rise in your estrogen level is detected. 

We'd like to help answer any further questions you might have  - please call us at: 800-321-327, M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm ET and please mention reference #: FB1113.  Thanks so much and we look forward to speaking with you.

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I have a question. I am 20 years old, trying to conceive. Anyways I've been using the clear blue digital advanced, and I have gotten nothing but flashing smiley faces, pretty sure I have already ovulated as I am 5 days away from my next period but still getting flashy smiley faces and even got a peak smiley today. What is happening, am I doing this wrong, could pregnancy throw the test off?

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Hi Allison, thanks for your message. There may be many reasons for not seeing Peak Fertility, therefore can we please ask that you call our Careline so that we can talk through your questions? Feel free to call us at 1-800-321-3279 and mention reference '1735255A'.  We're open weekdays from 8:30-5:00 ET.  Looking forward to hearing from you!