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Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 2:21 PM

4 High Fertility Days?

I have taken your Ovulation tests before, but am doing your advanced ovulation testing this month because we want to get pregnant ASAP. Per OB, all levels for every thing are normal. I am NOT on any ferility drugs, just me. I had one day of a blank circle, and now I have had four days of "high fertility". I am seeing that I am not the only one, but what is the average amount of "high fertility" days before peak? I am loving this product! I just wish it didn't cost so much and you could buy just the extra sticks! Thanks!

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10 years ago

Hi Sarah, thanks for trying Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests.  The number of high fertility days displayed each cycle may be more or less than 2, and it's normal for some women to see more than 2 high fertility days in all or some of their cycles.  It's personal
to you and reflects your unique hormone changes.

Once your digital holder detects an increase in estrogen, high fertility will be displayed.  Your holder will continue to display
high fertility until a significant rise in LH is detected.  If an LH surge is detected, peak fertility will be displayed continually for 48 hours.  If an LH surge isn't detected, your digital holder will continue to display high fertility until tests are missed for 3 consecutive days.

I'm glad you like our tests!  While I'm not aware of any plans to introduce refill packages of the test sticks, I'll be sure to share your feedback about the price and your recommendation for refills with the rest of the Clearblue team.  Feel free to let me know if you have other questions.  I'm happy to help!