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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 11:38 PM

4 straight days of solid smiley

I got 4 days in a row of solid smiley peak ovulation (tested twice 48 hours apart). 

Why? Was the first peak fertility detection from Clearblue inaccurate? 

This is what happened…

I have a 31 day cycle and ovulate on day 18. I know this because I track my BBT and take LH tests from various brands.

Sunday Jan 14 5:30PM: I used the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test on day 14 and got a solid circle, which means low fertility. I confirmed  my Clearblue results by testing with Natural Cycles LH test confirmed my low fertility result. This is what I expected on day 14 given I usually ovulate on day 18. I used the same cup of urine for both of these tests. 

Monday Jan 15 10:30AM: The next morning I tested again. My Clearblue test was a solid smiley face, which means peak fertility. This was surprising to me because I went from low fertility to peak fertility in less than 1 day and skipped the flashing smiley face altogether. For confirmation, I tested with Natural Cycles LH and saw the second line was prominent but not nearly as strong as the control line which refuted the Clearblue high fertility result. I used the same cup of urine for both tests.

Tuesday Jan 16 8AM: I couldn’t test again with Clearblue because my monitor displayed a solid smiley face for 48 hours. So I tested with Natural Cycles and saw the test line was strong, but not quite as strong as the control line. So I knew my LH was continuing to rise and I would very likely get a positive LH peak the next day. 

Wednesday Jan 17 10:30AM: At this point we are now 48 hours from my first Clearblue peak fertility result, so the solid smiley face disappeared. I tested again with Clearblue and received another solid smiley face for peak fertility. I confirmed the Clearblue result using Natural Cycles LH test and also confirmed I finally hit peak fertility. I used the same cup of urine for both tests.

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