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Sunday, April 24th, 2016 9:17 PM

All low readings, no peak or highs: whats up?

I have the Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Prediction Kit. I began on CD12 (my cycles are about 33 days long) and consistently keep getting a blank circle reading, indicating LOW. Today is CD18.

Is it normal to keep getting LOW readings? I will keep testing, with the first mornings urine, but I am wondering if this is an indicator that I conceived? Because the test isn't picking up an LH surge?

Also, what happens if you buy a new pack and continue testing mid-cycle, with new strips and a new reader? Just wondering on that one. It seems silly to need to continue with new strips and an old reader, when you have a perfectly good new reader.

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8 years ago

Hi Sarah - Thanks for getting in touch. 

It is possible to see low fertility for a number of days if the test hasn't detected enough of a difference between your estrogen readings and if your LH surge is too low for the test to detect. If you are taking any medication that contains estrogen then it could be that your estrogen levels are already high and the test can't detect a difference. Having said that, please continue to test because there is still a chance that you will see your Peak Fertility result. For a cycle of 33 days, the latest we'd expect to see Peak is on CD21.

If you get a results like this next cycle then please call our careline so we can help. We're open M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm.

If you suspect that you are pregnant then we highly recommend that you do a pregnancy test. Our ovulation tests cannot be used to detect pregnancy.

Our readers have the ability to adjust to your personal hormone profile. If you change reader mid-cycle, the new one won't have the memory of your previous tests and so won't be as sensitive to your hormone fluctuations. The risk is that the new reader won't pick up your estrogen rise or LH surge. For this reason, it's really important to stick to one reader per cycle. You can, however, use new test sticks with the old reader.

Hope this helps!