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Sunday, September 13th, 2015 6:52 PM

Blinking smile face for every day of my cycle except one.

I used the clearblue ovulation monitor, I have 25-26 day cycles so I began testing on day 6 of my cycle. The first test showed just the circle. The next day I tested I got the blinking smiley face. I am now on day 24 of my cycle ( period is due in 1 or 2 days ) and every single test result I have gotten to this point was a blinking smile face. Why would I only get this result? Why would I produce that hormone almost my entire cycle but then never ovulate? Is this common? What should I do I am now concerned I do not ovulate. Please help
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9 years ago

Hi Colleen.  High Fertility is displayed when an increase in estrogen is detected and will continue to be displayed while the Holder looks for the LH Surge.  If an LH Surge is not detected then an increased number of High Fertility days will be seen.  We recommend that you stop testing if you see 10 or more High Fertility days in a cycle.  It's not unusual to have the occasional cycle where the LH surge is not detected but if you have several cycles where this happens or you are concerned about your results then we recommend you speak to your Doctor.