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Thursday, December 22nd, 2022 2:53 PM

Circle straight to static smiley 24 hours CD7

For the last two cycles I’ve started testing on day 6 just as AF is ending. First day is a circle so low fertility but then the next day it goes straight to static smiley peak fertility…. I’ve been using these OPKs for 6 months and usually get 4/5 days of flashing smileys but these last two cycles straight to peak on day 7, my cycles are usually 26-30 days. 

I found this strange last month so I also decided to use a non digital OPK alongside this month and it shows a faint line so no peak and I have no EWD.

I had my bloods done by GP on day 21 last cycle and day 4 of this cycle and all normal.

Anyone else experienced this before or can offer any advice?

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