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Monday, February 13th, 2023 10:55 PM

Clear blue advanced ovulation test false peak

I have been using clear blue advanced to track my ovulation for the past three months. The first month I had a two week menstrual cycle which is not normal for me, could have been due to me delivering a still born the month before)point being that although I got a peak with clear blue, it’s hard for me to say which day of my cycle this was. The next month I got my peak on cycle day 16. I got a positive pregnancy test 12 days past ovulation. Unfortunately this turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. The first day I tested for ovulation this month (cycle day 9) with clear blue advanced ovulation I got low fertility (which to my understanding you will always get a low reading the first time you test in a cycle). The next day I tested and got peak fertility (cycle day 10). The next day I tested with a different applicator (still clear blue advanced) and got a high fertility. I am now 12 dpo according to clear blues peak and am getting negative pregnancy tests. 

I am wondering if the clear blue digital advanced ovulation test could have determined my peak based on residual hcg from my chemical pregnancy opposed to LH surge, thus giving me a false peak? 

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