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Saturday, April 9th, 2016 4:00 AM

Clearblue Digital Advanced different result than Clearblue Digital

I used a clearblue digital advanced opk and went from low the last few nights to peak tonight. I was surprised so I used a regular clearblue digital opk about 15 minutes later and it was negative. I'm not sure what to believe. Also, is it ok to use the same monitor from the digital advanced from cycle to cycle or do I have to throw them away and use a new one each month?

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8 years ago

Hi Cara - Thanks for getting in touch!

Both our digital ovulation products have the ability to adjust to your personal hormone profile. If you start using one product more often than the other then one will have had more time to adjust to your hormone profile than the other. 

So in your case, the advanced digital ovulation test has had more time to adjust and has been able to pick up your LH surge. The regular digital ovulation test hasn't and has given you a negative result.

Additionally, if you use a different urine sample with each test then this will also affect the results that you get.

We strongly recommend that you use one product to avoid confusion.

You can rely on the Peak result (solid smiley) that you have with the advanced digital ovulation test. Having intercourse on the day of your smiley and the day after will maximise your chances of conception. Please also remember than the Peak Fertility result on this product will remain on the display for 48 hours.

A low to Peak result can be a consequence of the following:

If testing has begun too late in that cycle
If you are taking medication containing estrogen

To answer your answer your final question - Yes you can use the same monitor from cycle to cycle.

Please call our careline and mention reference number 001805666A so that we can give you more tailored advice and answer any questions you might have.