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Monday, February 2nd, 2015 8:05 PM

ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

May I get my Period when the Monitor shows me High Fertility?

I have been tracking my cycle since from 3 months no peak...

Cycle 1:

Day 10 :Low
Day 11 to 25:High
Day 26 : Low

Day 30:Period

Cycle 2:

Day 10:Low
Day 11 to 25: High

Day 24 :Period

Its strange and just wondering whether the Monitor showing high Is there any chances of getting Period?

Cycle 3:

Day10 :Low
Day 11 to Day 19:High

I was surprised to see that my monitor shows me High yesterday and when i checked with Ovulation Test showed me Peek.

But still Monitor showing me High ...


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9 years ago

Hi, Satya - thanks so much for contacting us.  I noticed you contacted us on Facebook and I sent you a message. Please be sure to check!  Thanks so much-