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Monday, March 23rd, 2015 3:56 PM

Clearblue monitor test sticks

Does the clearblue ovulation monitor test sticks tell you anything? I'm getting mixed results. While the monitor is saying peak, the test stick only shows one line (maybe a faint second line). And when the monitor is showing low, the test sticks are showing 2 sting lines. ????

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9 years ago

Hi Adriana, thanks for your message!  We don't recommend interpreting the lines by eye as the Monitor reads the lines as they develop.  If you'd like to discuss your results further we recommend calling our Careline at 1-800-321-3279.  We're open Mon-Fri 08.30am-05.00pm.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello Jessica, sorry if am interrupting, I have the same doubt, I am using the advanced clear blue ovulation test sticks, which tells high and peak fertility by flashing smiley and solid smiley faces, Today I got the solid smiley face, but the line on the test stick is very faint and is it okay if I get solid smiley face without the flashing smiley!! Can you please answer this ASAP
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9 years ago

Thanks for the question.  You can't interpret anything from the lines on the test sticks - only the Holder can show the result.  
test is different from other ovulation tests in that it tracks the changes in
2 hormones throughout the menstrual cycle: 
estrogen and LH.  If the
necessary changes in estrogen are detected, the holder will show High
Fertility (flashing smiley).  And if an
LH surge is detected, the holder will show Peak Fertility (solid
smiley).  It’s possible for the holder
to change from Low to Peak without displaying High Fertility.  This can happen if your estrogen level
isn’t high enough to be detected by the test, if your hormone changes occur
on the same day, if a test is inadvertently missed, or if testing begins too
late in your cycle.  You can be assured
that you’ve still found your two best days to conceive.  Good luck!