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Thursday, August 13th, 2015 2:23 PM

clearblue ovulation test , smile face continues appearing in the small monitor without doing the test

Hi I bought clearblue ovulation test and the smile face got stuck...I did the test and now the smile face keeping showing never turn off I tried to do another test and the smile face was there and I did even started.

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9 years ago

If you have the solid smiley face it will appear for 48 hours as it means you should ovulate within 24-36 hours after the smiley face. Thats why you cant use the test . But you can use it after 48 hours or for future cycles .
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9 years ago

Peak Fertility will be displayed for 48 hours so this is normal - stop testing when you have found Peak as you have found the information you were looking for.  Good luck!