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Thursday, April 28th, 2016 3:42 PM

Cycle day 25.....of 28-29.....16 days of peak

I have been using the CBFM for the past three months to determine when exactly I ovulate. Month 1...started testing on day 9 got 10 11 12 got 13 and 14 P, Month 2...started testing day 8 got 9 and 10 11 and 12 got H, day 13 and 14 P....this month day 9 and 10 got L....11-25....H....currently on cycle day 25....of a 28-29 day cycle.....what the heck is going on? as my blood results from the doctor show ovulation on day my monitor faulty?

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8 years ago

My guess is that your LH surge wasn't high enough for the monitor to detect. If your blood tests says you ovulated on day 13, then record that as your day of ovulation. :)