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Friday, September 11th, 2015 6:38 PM

Defective Kit

Clearblue ADVANCED DIGITAL Ovulation Test (20 tests for $64.94 from Walgreens). Used for 1 cycle, the tester was defective, no reading sign on the display screen at all. Called Clearblue Helpline, answered by strong British accent lady, not friendly voice tone and doesn't care my disappointment for the defective tester. Consumers that using this ovulation test are definitely TTC and time restriction or desperate. Imagine the expensive kit doesn't work on the cycle, you have to purposely go get a new tester for identify the best 4 fertility days to get pregnant yet the company who made the expensive kit doesn't care.
Cons: 1) Expensive 2) Poor customer careline service 3) The result only can be read on the display screen from the tester, you cannot determine the result from the lines on the test stick without the tester.
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9 years ago

Hi Livia - We're sorry you were disappointed with your experience of our product and service.  We've reviewed the call and we're happy with the way our advisor managed the call.  We understand that it's frustrating that we can't get a replacement product to you immediately but we are limited by the speed of the postal service.  We do hope you are satisfied with the replacement kit we are sending and we wish you success on you TTC journey.