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Thursday, June 25th, 2015 11:38 PM


Digital Ovulation Test Question

I started testing on cycle day 10 because my cycle has been a little bit weird since I went off the pill. I've used the first morning pee every day. I got a smiley face on day 14, but my cycles since I went off the pill have been 36-40 days, so this is earlier by about 2 weeks than I thought I would be ovulating.

Does the regular Digital Ovulation Test (not the advanced one) use the previous day's test results as a baseline? Or does it use some other mechanism to test for the LH surge?

Also, if I hold the test in my stream for too long, do I risk a false positive?

Of course my husband and I acted like I was ovulating, but I'm wondering if I should keep testing in case it was a false positive.
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9 years ago

Hi Coco - The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test should always show a Surge at 40mIU/ml LH or more.  It may show a Surge as low as 22mIU/ml and is >99% accurate at detecting the LH Surge compared to a reference method.  Oversampling the test risks you getting an error symbol but  if you have a result then you can rely on it.  It is important to follow the instructions for use.  It could be that you are having a shorter cycle this time but if the cycle turns out to be longer and the Surge seems far to early then it may be worth discussing with your Dr.