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Friday, April 24th, 2015 12:14 AM

digital ovulation test ... the holder it's not working

I just got a 20 strip ovulation test, and got started testing yesterday. The first time I used it, it just went on the test ready signal, then I got, right away a"peak" result. today, I wanted to retest, but the "peak" face was still on, and I tried to insert a new strip, but, nothing... The face does not go away, I even tried to use it but nothing.
What can I do? I cannot find it in the FAQ.... please, help me!
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9 years ago

Hi Daniela - Peak
Fertility is designed to remain on the screen for 48 hours.  Have
intercourse at any time during this time to maximize your chance of getting
pregnant.  It’s not necessary to continue testing after Peak Fertility
has been detected.  The screen will
clear after 2 days, and your holder and any remaining test sticks can be
saved for use in a future cycle.