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Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 12:47 PM


Discover the 10 best sites to download torrent movies

Knowing which are the best sites to download torrent movies is essential so that you don't feel like it anymore! That's because it's not uncommon for us to look for a movie and it's not on the streaming platform we have a subscription to. Thus, the best alternative in such cases is to download the movie. In addition to not needing the internet to watch it, you also won't need to pay another subscription to watch the movie you want. Wassup have you been through this? So come check out the list of the top 10 sites to download torrent movies.

Do you know what torrent movies are?

The technology of torrent movies was developed by the company BitTorrent in 2001, being widely used until today. It is a file extension, which allows the creation of a P2P network, where users connect with each other in order to share files and information. In this case, it is not necessary for the movie to be stored on a server. What actually happens is that all users end up also functioning as servers, providing data to other users.

In this way, from the file with the torrent movie, you will be able to download the movie that is on someone else's computer. On the other hand, once the movie is on your computer, it will also be shared with other people.

This happens transparently to the user, requiring no additional configuration. This way, everyone wins, because you can download files from other users and other users can also download files through you.

How to download a torrent movie

The first step to download a torrent movie is to find the file with the .torrent extension for the movie you want to watch. This is where torrent movie sites come in, which we'll introduce later. Torrent sites will provide thousands of .torrent files that you will use to download the movie you want.

With the file in hand, you will need to use BitTorrent or qBittorrent , which is available in Web, Desktop or Android versions. Then just upload the file you downloaded on BitTorrent and wait for the dowload. And ready! Then just enjoy your movie, either alone or with someone special!

Step by step to download torrent movies

  1. Download the torrent program and install it on your PC or smartphone
  2. Go to one of the torrent sites from our list below and search for the movie you want
  3. Download the .torrent file of the movie you chose and open it in the previously installed torrent program
  4. And that's it, now just wait for your download to finish

A tip for those who are doing this process on the computer: some torrent sites display a “magnet” icon or something “magnetic” on the file page. You can click on this icon and the download will automatically be added to the torrent program, thus avoiding the need to download the .torrent file.

10 best websites to download torrent movies

  1. YTS
  2. RARBG
  3. The Pirate Bay
  4. EZTV
  5. TorrentDownloads
  6. Torrentz2
  7. torlock
  8. 1337x
  9. LimeTorrents
  10. Zooqle

Bonus tip: what if you don't have time to download torrent movies?

It is a fact that downloading torrent movies is usually the best option, because after downloading you will no longer need the internet. Also, you are more likely to get movies with the best quality by downloading torrent movies.

However, depending on the number of users available, your download may take a while. So, if you don't have time to download torrent movies, it's always good to have an alternative.

In this sense, our main indication is SuperFlix, an online platform that has several movies and series, standing out, mainly, for the speed in updating.

But, if you still want other options, enjoy and also check out the list of apps to watch movies and series for free !

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