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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 6:04 PM

Error symbol on ovulation test

I purchased a 20 tester, advanced digital ovulation kit. I have more than half the test strips left, but my monitor will not work anymore and has a book/manual (error) icon on the screen. Can I get another monitor mailed to me to use the remainder of the testing strips? Not happy because this was not a cheap kit.

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8 months ago

I didn’t realize what was the issue and I’m glad I decided to look online. Now I’m hesitant to buy another because it didn’t work right this round and it seems like it’s an issue that frequently happens. 


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5 months ago

Same thing with me. :( 

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28 days ago

Greetings from the United Kingdom. I bought a second ovulation kit because of a permanent error occurring. Unfortunately, the second one also developed the same error after just two sticks. Would it be possible to replace the kit in the UK? Otherwise, I am happy with the product.

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@galyari​ Sorry to hear that happened!  Please call our UK Careline on 0800 917 2710 with your kit to hand and we can help!