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Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 5:07 PM

Error tests


I was using your products for couple of months this year. First I purchased “Advanced digital ovulation test” - two month supply and in the first cycle it worked as promised. In the second cycle I got two error tests so I bought another package, that I don’t run out of them when I need them and bought also “Digital ovulation test” to support the test results of the “Advanced” one. Over all I purchased:

2 packages of “Advanced digital ovulation test” (20 test package) (Lot # 3276937224 of the 2nd package, I don’t have the 1st one anymore)

1 package of “Digital ovulation test” (20 test package) (Lot # 4086937224)

1 package of “Digital pregnancy test” (3 test package) (Lot # unknown,  I don’t have the box anymore)


Despite I was very careful about following the instructions, there were tests  in each package  that gave me error. The errors I got were in the middle of the testing period, so it was not that I just started to use them and learning how to use them.

As I mentioned above the first package of “ADOT” gave me 2 error tests.

The second package gave me 3 error  tests

With the “DOT” I got 4 error tests

I stopped using ovulation tests and decided to use help of my health provider.

But what really made me call your customer service today was “Digital pregnancy test”. 2 out of 3 tests gave me error. The third one gave me positive result.  I wanted to let it go, but then I told myself, why? I paid and I didn’t get what I paid for. 2/3 of the package was defective.

The operator of your customer service asked me how far am I in pregnancy and I told her two months. She said I cannot ask for refund after I am already two months pregnant. And she also said that I was suppose to call within 30 days from the purchase of the products. Is this information correct? I purchased two months supply of ovulation test in each package. How would I even know 30 days after the purchase that something is wrong if with the first purchased ovulation package the errors appeared in the second testing period?  And the pregnancy test was suppose to last for 3 months if used only one test a month. It doesn’t make any sense to me what she just said. Then she asked me for the receipt. I don't have receipts. On the instruction list is written to have "LOT" number ready, nothing about receipt. I don’t think it’s on her to determine when should I claim if there is something wrong with these products if they were suppose to expire in the middle of 2015 and absolutely it has NOTHING to do with me becoming pregnant or not. I paid for it so I expected a 100% product quality, not that your operator will tell me, that if I became pregnant, it's basically OK, that some of them were defective (what's the point of my complain, right?) The products I purchased had expiration dates 07/2015, 12/2015 and pregnancy test I don’t really know the exact month because I threw the box out, but it was also sometimes in the middle of next year. I was careful with expiration date on the boxes that I had enough time to be able to use them within expiration period. I don’t know how do you check the quality of the tests but I can tell you, that your test are not cheap and who spends money buying them expects 100% quality.  I paid about $ 120 and if they've worked properly I wouldn’t  feel bad that almost third of the money I spent on these tests was thrown out for defective products and by now I could give the rest of the tests to somebody who could use it.

I hope this will urge some ladies who have problem with defective tests to decide to call you as soon as they get error on the test asking for refund or replacement of defective tests and not to wait as I did.

Good luck to all of you girls, who are trying...

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10 years ago

We're sorry you received errors with our ovulation & pregnancy tests, Bibi.  As part of our commitment to provide accurate, reliable & innovative products, we check the quality of our product many times during the manufacturing process.  We regret that we weren't able to offer you a refund, and we'll share how you feel about our refund policy with the rest of our team.  

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with others.  We wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy!