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Sunday, December 31st, 2023 9:51 AM

Expensive fertility tracker totally unreliable

I have used my Clearblue fertility tracker successfully for the past four months. This month, I set up my cycle as usual and started testing per the instructions.

Firstly the system is designed to waste your money because you have to start testing on day 6, which is ridiculous. I have now done 15 days worth of tests and 13 of those 15 have given a ‘High Lh’ result with no surge detected. It is still demanding tests even though it now notes I have been testing for over ten days! How much money are we supposed to throw at this wasted cycle?

I have ovulated like clockwork on days 13 or 14 for months and this month it is telling me I have not yet ovulated. It is now day 20. This morning I tested with plain water and guess what? It gave the same inaccurate high reading it has given me every day for the last two weeks!

This machine cost over £100. The test sticks alone are £42 a box and you can’t use any left over from a previous cycle. I have now wasted around £170 and a cycle. It has messed up the data so goodness knows how I am supposed to track ovulation going forward.

I would like to know how to fix it ASAP! Or where I can send it to be fixed or replaced.

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