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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 4:53 PM

Fertility Monitor Test Sticks

Hi! I have a question about the Fertility Monitor Test Sticks. I had purchased them on Amazon under the assumption that they were the same test sticks that I've been using with my Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Predictor Kit. However, upon delivery of the test sticks, I discovered that they are supposed to only be used with the Fertility Monitor (le sigh). Is there really no way to use these test sticks with the OPK that I have already?? I hate to waste money on them and I can't afford the fertility monitor!!! HELP!!!

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8 years ago

We're sorry to hear that Jordan. That must be frustrating. Unfortunately you can't use those test test sticks and any results that you get won't be reliable. You should be able to return those test sticks if you haven't used them? Test sticks for our digital ovulation tests aren't sold separately from the Holders.