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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 2:16 AM

fertility question

Hello I ve been having high fertility flashing smiley for 5 days now no peak I am 32 day cycle when am I gonna receive peak days

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9 years ago

Hi - thanks so much for contacting us.  It’s normal for some women to see more than 2 High Fertility days in all or some of their cycles. High Fertility will be displayed when an increase in estrogen is detected.  Once High Fertility is displayed, the holder will continue to display High Fertility daily until an LH surge is detected or until tests are missed for 3 consecutive days.   If an LH surge is detected, Peak Fertility will be displayed continually for 48 hours. 

Best wishes on your journey!

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6 months ago

If you've been experiencing high fertility with a flashing smiley face on an ovulation test for several days and haven't detected a peak yet, a few possibilities could be considered:

  1. Irregular Ovulation: The length of your menstrual cycle can vary, and not everyone ovulates exactly on the 14th day of their cycle. If you have a longer cycle, it's possible that ovulation is occurring later.

  2. Missed LH Surge: It's possible that the ovulation test missed detecting the LH surge. Consider testing more frequently, especially as you approach the expected time of ovulation.

  3. Testing Time: Make sure you are testing at the same time each day, and it's generally recommended to test in the afternoon or evening.

  4. Stress or Illness: Factors such as stress or illness can impact the regularity of the menstrual cycle and the timing of ovulation.

  5. Cycle Variability: Some degree of cycle variability is normal. If your cycles are consistently irregular or if you have concerns, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

Since you have a 32-day cycle, you might expect ovulation to occur around the middle of your cycle, approximately on day 16-18. However, individual variations can occur.

If you continue to experience prolonged high fertility without a detected peak, or if you have concerns about your fertility, it's recommended to seek advice from a healthcare provider or a fertility specialist for further evaluation and guidance tailored to your specific situation.