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Thursday, February 25th, 2016 4:43 PM

First test shows "peak"?!?!

Today was my first day testing with the advanced digital ovulation tests. My result was "peak" the solid smiley face! Isn't there supposed to be a blank smiley on the first test since it has no idea what hormone levels to compare it to? How can it automatically be "peak" for the very first test??? I called the help line and all they said is don't test any more after that. So don't test after my VERY FIRST one in a BRAND NEW box???? (it's a 20 count!)

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8 years ago

Hi - Thanks for your message and using our product on your journey to conceive!

If you have a concentration of 40mIU/ml of LH in your urine then the test will immediately display Peak Fertility. So for this reason, you can get a Peak Fertility result on the very first that you do. When the test looks for a rise in estrogen it works differently and needs to compare readings so for this reason you won't get a High Fertility result (blinking smiley face).

You can save your test sticks for your next cycle.