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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 8:43 PM

Flashing smileys, solid smiley & then period 2 days later? What does this mean?

Please could someone give some insight into why I would get a flashing smileys for 2 days, a solidy smiley for 2 days and then period 2 days later? It was definitely a light bleed for only 3 days. Assumed my estrogen and LH surge was an indication of ovulation but bleeding threw that out the window! HPTs come back negative.

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5 years ago

Hi eclo179,

We are sorry we cannot provide you with medical advice, if youhave any concerns we would recommend to speak to your Doctor.

Ovulation is typically expected 12-16 days before the next Period, if you are not taking any hormonal medication, have not been diagnosed with PCOS/menopause, and have not had a recent pregnancy/miscarriage, your results obtained will be over 99% accurate.



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4 months ago

Was there an update? x