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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 2:48 PM

Follow up to high peak second urine of the day

Thank you for the prompt response to my question below but I left out this detail - I never got any high results - went from nothing to peak - so is this an erroneous result or can I begin testing when the peak face disappears? See below for my original question.

I mistakenly used the second urine of the day - having gone to the bathroom at 3:30 AM and forgot to test. I got a peak fertility reading which I read in your pamphlet could be because I did not use the first urine. I understand the smiley face will remain for 48 hours. I am on day 13 of my cycle. Can I start to test again once the face disappears? In case this is an erroneous result?
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7 years ago

This product tracks thechanges in estrogen and luteinising hormone (LH) throughout the menstrualcycle.  If the necessary changes in estrogenare detected the Holder will display High Fertility and if the necessarychanges in LH are detected the Holder will display Peak Fertility. If the hormone changesnaturally occur close together it is possible that High Fertility may not bedisplayed and that the Holder will change from Low Fertility to Peak Fertilitywithout displaying High Fertility.  Wewould like to reassure you that this does not mean that your product is faultyand that you have still detected your two most fertile days to try toconceive. 

If you find that you don’tsee any High Fertility days over several cycles of use then we recommend thatyou see your Doctor.

Pleasebe aware that when an LH surge is detected, Peak Fertility (non flashing smileyface) will be displayed and will remain constantly on the display for the next48 hours to indicate your most fertile time. It is not necessary or possible to perform any more tests during thistime, so stop testing for this cycle.