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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 4:56 AM

Getting ovulation sticks for the old fertility monitor?

Hi -- I got pregnant with my first kid using the Clearblue monitor. We are planning our second baby and I want to use the monitor I have again, as it worked great the first time around. But I saw it was discontinued. I've been looking for the ovulation sticks and I'm not sure if the ones I found online are for the new monitor or the old one. Will all ovulation sticks work with both monitors? How can I know if I'm buying the correct ones? Do you have a picture of the box I should buy?
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9 years ago

We're pleased to hear the Monitor worked well for you last time Pao!  We have updated our Clearblue Fertility Monitor but the new test sticks (with the purple caps) will still work fine with your original Monitor.  Wishing you lots of luck!