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Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 6:46 PM

"High Fertility" 9 days in a row - is test broken?

My average cycle length is about 31 days. I began using the advanced digital ovulation tests on day 17 of my cycle, and took a test every day for 9 days (on the 9th day I took two). All 10 tests have read High Fertility. Is there something wrong with the test? I took 9 of the tests first thing each morning, and the 10th test in the afternoon, just to see if I would get a different result. But none were Low or Peak - all High. Has anyone else ever had the same result 9 days in a row? I bought a new test kit, but haven't tried it yet.
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7 years ago

Hi Katelynn.  Your product is not defective.  With a cycle length of 31 days, the product instructions have you starting to test from cycle day 11.  Starting on day 17 is too late and it's likely that you have missed the changes the test was looking for to show Peak Fertility.  Stop testing for this cycle and if you need to test again next cycle, start from day 11.  Good luck!1856444A