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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 11:38 AM

High Fertility for nearly 2 weeks

I'm taking Meformin because I have never had a regular cycle and I have small cysts on my ovaries.  My cycle should now be 28 days, so I looked at the chart and started CB when I was meant to for a 28 day cycle.  According to the math and ovulation charts, I should have ovulated somewhere between the 9th and the 13th, but I never got a PEAK reading.  I tested today and it was still high and not peak.  I took the test once and got a low reading, but every morning since has been HIGH with no PEAK
What could be the problem?

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9 years ago

Hi Lee, thanks for your message. There could be different reasons for not finding Peak Fertility so therefore could we please ask that you call us so that we can talk through your questions? You can reach us at 800-321-3279 and we're open weekdays 08.30am-05.00pm ET. Please keep you test and pack handy when you call us and quote reference number '1730211A'. Looking forward to hearing from you!