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Thursday, January 29th, 2015 6:04 PM

How many blinking faces will I get until I get a Peak day?

Hello. I was just wondering. I started the tests a few days ago the first 2 days I got blank faces. and the past 4 days including today i have got smiley faces they are blinking. Is there a different face that will show on my 2 peak days? I noticed it blinking. Does that make a difference. Is there a different face for your peak days than the other face? I noticed on the box there is one face with lines around it. that must mean blinking... so I am assuming on my peak day it will not blink. Am i right? Please help thanks.

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9 years ago

Hi, Tanya - thank you for contacting us!  The number of High Fertility days displayed each cycle is personal to you and may be more or less than 2.  It’s normal for some women to see more than 2 High Fertility days in all or some of their cycles. And if an LH surge is detected, the holder will show Peak Fertility (solid smiley).

Hope this helps and best wishes!