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Friday, January 5th, 2024 9:32 AM


I have two separate clear blue advanced digital tests I used the same cup of urine and dipped both sticks in at the same time. one circle, and then the other test gave me the flashing smiling face. how is this possible and how can it test be 99% accurate but the same product has two different results. By the way, this is my first urine other day.

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2 months ago

Hi there, I had a similar issue, old tests ran out this morning, it said high fertility. New tests arrived with new device (as you can't order the strips on their own for some reason). New test shows low fertility. I read on here that it takes at least 2 tests for the new digital stick to get used to your personal levels so it can detect accurately. Based on that I would say keep using your current stick for the next whole cycle, then you can change to the new one at the beginning of your next cycle so it has a chance to get used to your hormone levels :)