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Monday, July 14th, 2014 5:17 PM

Is my test Faulty?

I am using the purple cap Digital Ovulation kit. I have been tracking my ovulation for about 6 months now, and I usually start taking the tests a week before ovulation. Yesterday (day 1 of my new kit) my kit read an empty circle which I was expecting. Today it read a blinking smile which I was not expecting, as I normally don't ovulate for another 5 days and my peak is expected to be next Tuesday). I thought there might be a glitch, so I did a second test with a new stick, but this time I used water as a the control. The test came out with a blinking smile again but this time for the water-which I know can't be right. Is my test faulty?

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10 years ago

Thanks for choosing Clearblue and for sharing your experience, Mallory.  Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests are different than other opk's in that they track the changes in 2 fertility hormones:  LH and estrogen.  If the necessary changes in estrogen are detected, the digital holder will display High Fertility (flashing smiley).  And if an LH surge is detected, the holder will display Peak Fertility (solid smiley) for 48 hours.  So the fact that you saw High Fertility doesn't indicate that your LH surge has been detected,  but that the test has detected an increase in your estrogen level.  This is helpful information because you can actually become pregnant in the days leading up to ovulation.  

Once the test has detected High Fertility, the digital holder is designed not to move back down to Low Fertility (unless tests are missed for 3 days in a row).  In other words, you'll continue to see High Fertility until your LH surge has been detected.  This would be the case whether you test in urine or in any other liquid, such as water.  Now that you've found High Fertility, you should continue to test for your LH surge.  Until your surge is detected, your test results will continue to be High Fertility.  The number of High Fertility days displayed each month is personal to you, and it's not uncommon to see more than 2 days of High Fertility in all or some of your cycles.

We hope this is helpful and want you to know we're here to talk through your questions.  Our number is 1-800-321-3279 and we're here to help Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00 ET.  When calling, please mention reference #FB634.  Thanks!