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Monday, July 13th, 2015 3:07 AM

monitor saying low, advanced digital saying high

i became pregnant last 2 years ago using the old style fertility monitor.  i want to get pregnant again now, so I turned it on - it said to change the batteries, so i did - then it seemed ok.  THe first month it said i was at low fertility despite testing MANY days.  my period came as expected.  this month i decided to back up using the advanced digital sticks - at day 13 the sticks began to say high fertility (still saying it) while the monitor has continued to say low fertility.  I'm wondering if i can get a replacement for the monitor and a refund for the first month of sticks?

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9 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch, Angela.  There could be many reasons for not getting the results you'd expect.  The best thing would be if you could call our Careline so that we can learn more and talk through your questions.  Please call us at 1-800-321-3279 and we're open Mon-Fri 08.30am-05.00pm EST.  Please have your Monitor and Test Sticks handy when you call us.  Looking forward to hearing from you.