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Monday, June 9th, 2014 11:06 AM

My montior broken after only few uses can I buy it on its on as have sticks left

I bought the Clearblue digital ovulation test 20s and after 2wks the monitor itself as that book symbol on it meaning its not working... Is there any place I can buy the actual digital monitor itself as I have loads of the sticks left and really dont want to spend yet another £46.99 on a whole new kit when I have loads of the sticks left.. please help..Oh and I used it all correctly and did not get the monitor wet as used the dip method... Im TTC so I need this kit in my life

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10 years ago

Hi Emma, we're glad you chose Clearblue and know it must have been disappointing to see an error symbol.  Although we don't offer the digital holder separately, we hope you'll call us so we can learn more and help you with this matter.  Are you located in the UK?  If so, please call our UK Careline at 0800 917 2710 M-F from 7am-3pm.  We hope you get your positive result soon :-)