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Thursday, October 8th, 2015 2:24 AM

New box in between testing cycle

I am using the advanced digital tests for sometime now. I was close to the end of a box and one day one of testing I got a blank circle, day two I got a flashing smiley face. On day three, had to start a new box and when I tested it was blank. This has happened once before switching to a new box. Is this normal occurrence?
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9 years ago

Hi Amanda - This is normal if you switch Holders during a cycle of testing as the new Holder does not have any prior information about your cycle.  If you do need to start using test sticks from a new box part way through a cycle it's best to carry on with the Holder you have already been using.  For now, you can carry on with the new Holder if you wish but consider yourself to be already on High Fertility status and have intercourse accordingly.  You can use the new Holder to look for your LH Surge (Peak Fertility).  Wishing you all the best!