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Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 3:55 PM

New Test Kit- 2 test different result


This cycle we purched a new kit so of course recieved a new holder. I used a clean catch of my first morning urine to test the first stick and got back the blank circle as I knew I would with the new holder. Once that test cleared I took another stick and used the same clean catch urine to test for a second time and got a solid smiley. Would this be considered a true positive? Can you test back to back that way and have an accurate result from your holder?



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5 years ago

Hi Liz,

If you are suitable to use the test; this information is found on the box and in the leaflet, your results will be over 99% accurate. As the Holder adapts its sensitivity and becomes more sensitive to LH (solid smiley) during your use in the cycle, this would explain why the second test showed Peak fertility. You can rely on your result.