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Saturday, February 4th, 2023 12:03 PM

Non-digital test - tip didn't turn pink

Hi, so I used one of those early detect tests and the tip did not turn pink at all. 

I dipped it in my pee in a small container for 20 secs but ended up dipping it in for longer as the tip was not turning pink. When I realised it wasn't turning I took it out.

The control window was changing from clear to dark in this time and a straight line started forming so it looked like the pee was being absorbed and after a bit the result window also showed a straight line but v faint. 

Now I'm not sure if as the test was in for longer than 20 secs and the tip didn't turn pink at all the result is wrong or am I actually pregnant?? 

I could test again but given it's not my first pee of the day I don't know if I'll get the wrong results? 

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