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Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 5:53 PM

Open circle and then static smiley next day

Hello - I started using the Clearblue ovulation strips last cycle … I had started on day 7 and had 2 blank circles, then 3 blinking smiley faces, and then a solid day of smiley face so that cycle made sense to me. This cycle I started to test on day 9 vs day 7 by mistake - so day 9 I had an open circle and now on day 10 I have a solid smiley face. I just wanted to verify if this can be a false result or because I started to test a couple of days to late that I missed the high fertility perhaps and now it is just showing peak fertility. I basically am trying to find out am I most likely at peak fertility or is it a possible false result where I should restart next cycle? Also, typically my cycle is 27 days. Thanks for the help!

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