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Saturday, February 21st, 2015 10:14 PM

Ovulation kit and Lh surge

If I am not seeing a solid smiley does that mean my lh surge is too low to detect or that I'm not ovulating? If the lh surge is in fact too low what are my chances of getting pregnant? Also..ovulation occurs about 14 days before my next expected period.. so according to the ovulation kit when do I ovulate?...Is ovulation considered the last day I see a smiley on the kit?

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9 years ago

I logged on to find out this same thing! I haven't gotten a solid smiley, but I got a flashing smiley 2 days in a row? Wondering if this means I didn't ovulate afterall or if I somehow did and it was too low to register peak then what are chances of conception?

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9 years ago

Hi, JacLyn - we see you sent us a private message where we responded to you there. Hope this helps!