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Monday, December 14th, 2015 7:19 PM

Ovulation/ LH detection

Hi there. Quick ovulation question. If I were to have been ovulating.. yesterday/ last night.. would the test still be able to pick up LH? Curious because I thought for sure I was ovulating last night but I got the lovely blank low fertility symbol. How long does LH stick around to be detected?

Thankful for any help :)
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8 years ago

Hi Claudia - the LH Surge usually precedes ovulation by 24-36 hours and lasts for 1-2 days so by the time actual ovulation occurs the Surge may no longer be detectable.  Sperm typically survive 3-5 days so intercourse in the days leading up to ovulation offers a good chance of conceiving. Once the egg is released it will only be viable for 24 hours at the most.  Wishing you lots of luck!