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Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 9:57 PM

Peak smiley display 5dpo?

I have a 31 day cycle on average and from past experience i usually ovulate around 18dpo

This cycle has been a bit confusing due to spotting for 5 days before AF so im not 100% sure on cycle day. I took the digital ovulation test on what i think was day 11 which gave me the empty circle, the next day i got a flashing smiley and then the following day on cycle day 13 i got a solid smiley which i think is correct as i was cramping that day so i believe that was ovulation.

However I didn't test again until day 17 (just curious as this would be around when i would have ovulated) with the same holder and it gave me an empty circle, the next day which is day 18 it gave me a solid smiley?

I know you cant ovulate twice in a month and 5 days apart seems odd, any ideas?

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