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Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 9:39 PM


iv'e been using clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test for 2 days and I have gotten the flashing smiley face how many days should I stop if I don't get a peak smiley face??And whats the difference between High and peak??what's the % of getting pregnant during high and peak..I got the purple one with the 20 pk
Thank you Mom of one and trying for another with my husband
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9 years ago

Hi Tiffney.  You may see up to 10 High Fertility days - stop if you see more than 10.  High Fertility (blinking smiley) is when an increase in estrogen has been detected and you are preparing for ovulation.  Peak (non-blinking smiley) is when the LH Surge is detected and it remains on the screen for 48 hours to indicate your most fertile time.  Have sex on both High and Peak days for the best chances of getting pregnant.  Good luck!