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Thursday, July 14th, 2016 1:13 PM

Please help


I have started using the dual hormone ovulation tests this month and I am really confused!

I have an average 27 day cycle
My first day of my last period was 29th June 16

I started testing on day 7 as per instructed from the leaflet with first morning urine using a cup.
From day 7 to day 12 I got a blank face (6 days) Day 13 got a flashing smiley face and now on day 16 and still have flashing smiley face (4 days) I use an app and while I know this is not accurate It says I should ovulate around day 12.

What is the likelihood of the first flashing I got being my LH surge and not my oestrogen surge? I didn't think you could ovulate this late in a cycle as I am regular every month usually 1 day early or 1 day late with my period but never more and the 27 day average is from the past 6 months periods.

I am really desperate to know if its possibility I don't ovulate as I have had an ectopic pregannacy in the past and this is our first month of ttc and we thought these would take any pressue off.

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8 years ago

Hi Lynn - Thank you for getting in touch. I understand your concern but please try not to worry. I will try best to explain your results to you here but if anything isn't clear then please give our Careline a call using the number that's on the side of the box that the test came in. Here's your reference number 001823602A. One of our advisors would be more than happy to help you. 

The flashing smiley face only appears once it has detected a change in your estrogen levels so when it flashes for the first time, it won't be because it has detected a surge in your LH.

For a 27 day cycle we would expect ovulation to occur on between day 11 and day 15 of your cycle. It could be that you’re having a longer cycle this month, in which case I would recommend that you test one more day. However since you've explained that you are quite regular, you may want to save your test sticks for your next cycle.

It's important to know that it's normal for a woman not to see her surge in a cycle. If you don't see a surge result in a number of cycles and you have tested correctly then that's when I would recommend that you speak to a doctor.

Other reasons why you might not see a surge in a cycle:

-       The LH surge was too low for the test to detect this cycle

-       The LH surge was too short this cycle

-       Ovulation didn’t happen this cycle (don’t worry, this is not unusual)

I’m sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy, Lynn. I would recommend that you have a chat with your doctor as the reassurance will help.

I hope that information helps, Lynn.