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Friday, June 30th, 2023 11:51 AM

Please help

Hi, I have a confusing experience and am struggling with using Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System. Please advise what is happening and what I should do, thank you so much!

  • June 1st (Day 1)- Start of Period
  • June 8th-16th (Day 8-16)- Low Fertility (Start of Daily Testing)
  • June 17th & 18th (Day 17 & 18)- Peak Fertility
  • June 19th (Day 19th)- Low Fertility (Tested just to be sure)

  • June 20th-22nd (Day 1-3?)- Heavy Anovulatary Bleeding (Watery Blood, but alot of it, with blood dripping down my legs)
  • June 23rd (Day 4)- Low Fertility
  • June 24th (Day 5)- High Fertility
  • June 25th & 26th (Day 6 & 7)- Peak Fertility
  • June 27th (Day 8)- Low Fertility (Tested to be sure)
  • June 28th & 29th (Day 9 & 10)- No test
  • June 30th & July 1st (Day 11 & 12)- Peak Fertility (Tested to be sure since I was woken up with bad right ovary pains, perhaps ovulation pains?)

I am not sure what to do anymore, these results are not asked about anywhere else on the internet and I have found no answers what I should do.

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