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Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 2:33 PM

Product never turned on, just a blank screen and now hotline is closed when it's supposed to be open???

Purchased the Ovulation Test and the holder never worked, never even turned on. I'm assuming the battery is dead. I've tried calling the hotline for the past few days and I just keep getting the recording that the hotline is closed, with the hours to try calling back. Hello, I'm calling when you're saying to call! It's Tuesday at 9:30 am Eastern. What's the issue? Very frustrating that this expensive product never worked and now even more frustrating that no one is able to remedy the problem!

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8 years ago

same here. please help
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8 years ago

We're sorry you couldn't get through to the Careline when you tried.  Please try again and our Advisors will be pleased to help you.