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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 2:37 PM

RE: Defective kits

Good morning,
I have purchased the Clearblue Easy Ovulation Combination Pack (7 tests and 1 pregnancy test) on two different occasions. The last kit I used, of the 7 tests, 4 of them were defective and did not provide any result. This happened with the last kit I bought as well. 4 or 5 of them were defective and I did not get any results. I have followed all instructions exactly and I am not sure why this keeps happening. I am trying to conceive (and am kind of on a time restriction, as I am 40 years old) and am doing everything I can to properly identify my peak times for fertility, but these kits are providing no help whatsoever, as over half of them do not work! Aside from that factor, the kits are expensive and it is extremely aggravating to waste the money in good faith and more importantly, that it is prohibiting me from doing the proper testing for conceiving. After the first kit, I gave Clearblue the benefit of the doubt and bought another kit, hoping I just bought a bad or old kit; but the same thing happened. It is even more disappointing, as now I need to wait yet another month to test and pay for another kit! As Clearblue is so well-known, I'm very surprised at these results, or lack thereof and if I cannot obtain an explanation as to the above, my next kit purchase will have to be from another brand.
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9 years ago

We're sorry to hear that Eileen.  The usual reason for no result appearing is too much or not enough urine being applied or the test being inverted after wetting.  As you have followed the instructions for use exactly, please retain the tests and call your local Careline who will be please to investigate the matter for you as this is not what we expect to see.