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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 7:28 PM

Reader is not working properly!

I have been using the Clearblue Advanced Digital ovulation kit for the past two months. The first month was much different than the second and now there is a permanent smile face that will not come off of the reader. Even when i insert a new test stick there is nothing. I feel for the price that I have paid for this product is has not lived up to its standards. Why would the reader not work after two uses? Do you need to buy a new reader after every month?

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10 years ago

Thanks for choosing Clearblue, Amanda.  We're sorry for any confusion, but when using our Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests, Peak Fertility is designed to remain on the screen for 48 hours.  Once you've seen Peak Fertility, stop testing and have intercourse at anytime within the next 48 hours.  It's not necessary to continue testing after you've found Peak Fertility, and attempting to test while a result is still on the screen can result in an error symbol.  After 48 hours the screen will clear, and your digital holder and any remaining test sticks can be saved for use in a future cycle.  

We hope this is helpful.  If you have other questions, please let us know!