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Friday, July 3rd, 2015 4:07 PM


Same Ovulation Test And Sample Different Results

I bought the ClearBlue advanced digital ovulation test and used them both the same morning with the same urine sample. One of the test said High fertility (flashing smiley face) and the other said Low ( O ). The one that said high has been giving me the same smiley face for the past 5 days. Just wondering why I got 2 different results with the same product and same sample.

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9 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch, Alexsandra.  The test is designed to be used from the most appropriate day for your cycle length with the early morning urine.  The first test is likely to be Low Fertility.  If you happen to do the first test on the day of your LH surge the test can also show Peak Fertility.  However, the first test cannot be High Fertility as the holder needs to analyse one test to set the baseline to the right levels for your personal hormone profile. 

It's likely that testing was started too late in the cycle with the second Holder when your estrogen levels were already high and therefore the Holder has missed seeing these changes.  If you continue with this Holder then Peak Fertility results will not be affected however there is little value in using two Holders per cycle.  Both holder should show a Peak Fertility result at LH levels 40mIU/ml and above. 

We hope this helps!