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Saturday, February 24th, 2024 4:30 AM

solid smiley and now blank circle

Hi there, 

I have tested in the morning where I had a solid smiley I tested again in the afternoon with a new kit and it is now a blank circle. I am assuming because it’s a new kit and needs time to adjust to my body that’s why there was a blank circle? Am I correct in saying this? 

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2 months ago


I have read on another thread that it takes at least 2 tests for the new kit to adjust to your levels so it can accurately work out your high and peak fertility. Best to keep using the old digital stick which is still compatible with the new tests as long as it is the same type (e.g clear blue advance digital ovulation test). The digital sticks apparently have the ability to adjust and learn each time you test.

Keep using the old one for now and you should be able to rely on the results. Don't use the new stick until you are on your next cycle, test a few days early on this one so the new stick can get used to your levels.

It is, however, not accurate for me as I have PCOS.

Good luck on your TTC journey!