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Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 7:57 PM

Solid Smiley face, but faint test lines.


Presently am using the clear blue advanced ovulation test and been using it as instructed on the booklet. I have these two doubts, one is can I get solid smiley face without flashing smiley, which I got this morning. Another is, the result line on the stick is very faint than the test line, should I consider the solid smiley face as an indication of LH surge and should not be bothered about the test lines?? Can you please answer this ASAP!!

Thanking you
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9 years ago

Thanks for the question.  You can't
interpret anything from the lines on the test sticks - only the Holder can show
the result.  This test is different from other ovulation
tests in that it tracks the changes in2 hormones throughout the
menstrual cycle: estrogen and LH.  If the necessary
changes in estrogen are detected, the holder will show High Fertility (flashing smiley).  And if an
LH surge is detected, the holder will show Peak
Fertility (solid smiley). 
It’s possible for the holder to
change from Low to Peak without displaying High Fertility.  This can
happen if your estrogen level isn’t
high enough to be detected by the test, if your hormone changes occur
on the
same day, if a test is inadvertently missed, or if testing begins too
late in your cycle.  You can be assured
that you’ve still found your two best days to
conceive.  Good luck!

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I have had the same problem, going from nothing to peak fertility two months in a row. Each time extremely early in my cycle (day 8 or so) which is usually 26-28 days long. Each time my basal body temp didn't rise for at least five days after. I can't imagine I go from nothing to peak and have 5 days of peak. I test first thing in the morning.

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2 years ago

Good question. I think it is fine and it is working how it should. I had a peak fertility solid smiley face today (day 15) after 3 days of the high fertility flashing smiley face, after a few days of the low fertility blank circles and noticed that  when I pulled the stick out of the test holder that the result line was fainter than the test line which the instructions say dont read the stick lines which is fine but when I did another clear blue analog stick test for back up the same time today (same cup of urine) the result line was also fainter then the test line on that test so I don't know why I would get a peak fertility solid smiley face on the clear blue advanced digital but not get a LH surge on another test from the same brand, has anyone else encountered this problem or is it just me?


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Hi did you find out later on ? Which test was real ?